What We Do

We leverage our expertise in YouTube video marketing, including content creation, video/product optimization and advertising in an integrated way—to build existing brands or develop and launch innovative products. Molio uses optimized YouTube specific content to engage target audiences with videos people want to see and share.

The Molio platform capability spans across product or service offerings where the focus is:

Brand-building by creating high levels of awareness

and view amplification

Driving conversion and hard sales


Free and/or paid digital goods

digital downloads, ticket sales, concerts or events

Product launch qualification

whereby extensive data through the video analytics helps determine optimal pricing and messaging prior to a scaled launch.

All our services are offered at industry leading cost and require much less time than traditional methods.

What is the problem to be solved?


Traditional new product launches can be expensive with high risk of failure


Brands are struggling to effectively spend marketing dollars in the digital and video environment on YouTube


Ensuring that the right content is seen by the the right consumers, with the most efficient ad spend possible

How does Molio solve this problem?

Brand-building with Existing Products/Services

We create or modify existing video with our own full service creative agency with a swanky in-house video production team.  Our integrated model couples great creative with the Molio Software, driving predictable, sustainable results to build brands online.

New Product Launch Qualification

Utilizing our proprietary model, Molio can qualify and launch a product, service or entertainment idea, delivering key information on:

  1. Target audience – who is actually viewing or buying the product
  2. On- and offline demand modeling
  3. Optimal pricing and preferred messaging

Reasons to believe

Our model with video optimization and programmatic media spending improves ecommerce view to conversion rates:

50-200% above baseline.


We deliver retail lift (increased retail consumption) versus control between 40-80%!


  • We have insights and experience that others don’t.
  • We’ve been doing this longer than most anyone on YouTube – 5+ years.
  • We have proven results on our own brands and our partner brands.



  • A multi-million dollar company built from scratch using only YouTube.
  • 5 consecutive years of growth.
  • 60 million total view directly attributed to Molio.


  • $2.5 million in online sales in year one.
  • 35 million total views directly attributed to Molio.


  • Increased conversion per view rate by 76%.
  • 45 million total views directly attributed to Molio.


Targeted Views Driven
by Molio


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