Predicting A Product Winner Before Shipping A Single Unit

Case Study


The Opportunity

In 2012, Orabrush was considering branching into the pet industry with Orapup, the first tongue cleaner for dogs to help beat bad dog breath without a toothbrush. Orapup was developed in response to consistent requests from Orabrush’s YouTube community and Facebook fans to create a canine version of the company’s popular human tongue cleaner. In true “Reverse Marketing” style, and to gauge interest and validate the product prior to manufacturing, Orabrush launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $40,000.

The Results

In six short months, Orabrush went from no concept, no awareness and no sales to over $2 million in e-commerce. After successfully funding its Indiegogo project (actually raised $62k), the company continued to accept pre-orders, engage consumers and targeted dog owners through a number of educational and entertaining YouTube videos.

With vigorous variation testing and optimization, Orapup was able to identify its highest converting audience, optimal pricing and preferred messaging before scaling its launch. The reverse Molio model video generated over $750k in “pre-orders” before the mold was made and the product was manufactured. We knew we had a winner!

Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath—
Underwater Dogs in Slow Motion 1000 fps—
Devinsupertramp: Matrix Puppies! 52 GoPro Cameras With Orapup!
Devinsupertramp: Matrix Puppies – 52 GoPro Cameras, puppies, and girls! BTS with Orapup!
Behind the Scenes

$2.6M Sold in 12 Months

Orapup officially launched with more than 40,000 pre-sold units and became a multi-million dollar brand by the end of 2013.

 5% Site Conversion Rate

The campaign delivered a best-in-class sales funnel on Orapup’s website, and these “test” sales over 6 months actually offset development and advertising costs.

Real-Time Testing

Online variations allowed Orapup to complete product development and consumer research in parallel in a real-time, iterative way. Comprehensive testing included 55 variations of a conversion video, 46 different price points, 30 different forms of packaging and even whether the flavoring should be sold in bottles or packets.

23+ Million Views

In just a couple years, the Orapup YouTube channel amassed more views than well-established pet brands Pedigree, Purina and Iams. As of this recap, it remains the most viewed pet brand on YouTube.

Numbers as of December 2015, when Orapup was sold to TruDog, LLC.

Largest pet brand on


Top Pet Product Brands – Ranked by Channel Views

Orapup_Full Color positive

8,623 Subscribers


Iams315,171,172 Views
5,973 Subscribers
Eukanuba4,870,565 Views
5,056 Subscribers
4,630 Subscribers
Purina6,077,814 Views
5,079 Subscribers

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