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Bad Breath Becomes Booming Business and Creates a Global Brand

Case Study

The Opportunity

A former biochemist and nutritionist, 80-year-old Robert “Dr. Bob” Wagstaff invented the Orabrush tongue cleaner in the early 2000s to help cure bad breath (90 percent of bad breath comes from bacteria on the tongue). For nearly a decade, Dr. Bob was unable to find an audience for his tongue cleaner: retailers didn’t want it, oral care companies weren’t interested in buying his patent and a costly infomercial sold only 100 orders.

The Results

Orabrush became the first consumer product to be commercialized on a global level using YouTube videos. After years of struggling to find a consumer base, Dr. Bob finally was able to deliver the right content to the right target audience, which was revealed to be females age 15-25 and males age 45-55. Built from scratch on YouTube, Orabrush is now a beloved global oral care brand with real brand equity.

5 Year Pure YouTube Case Study

This graph shows the results of the Molio model to build the brand online via a cadence of content and focus on hyper-targeted media buying to drive the brand both online and offline.

The halo effect of all of these views continues to grow and delivers an ROI from the YouTube advertising that is a best-in-class execution for a consumer product.

Invested upfront and now reaping the rewards both online and at retail. We have invested over two million dollars in YouTube advertising to achieve these results!

Bad Breath Test – How to Tell When Your Breath Stinks
The Story of Orabrush
Orabrush Trailer

5+ Million Units Sold

Powered by $2 million in video ad spend over five years, Orabrush became a multi-million dollar brand and the No. 1 tongue cleaner in the world, according to IRI data.

188,000+ Subscribers

At the close of 2012, Orabrush ranked in the top three most-subscribed consumer product YouTube channels, behind Apple and Old Spice and ahead of mega-brands like Playstation and Coca-Cola.

30,000 Stores in 25 Countries

Due to the massive global awareness generated by the campaign, retailers throughout the world contacted Orabrush after being bombarded with demands from Orabrush fans to carry the products in-store.

5% Site Conversion Rate

Through optimization on YouTube videos, we created a best-in-class conversion funnel on Orabrush.com.

60+ Million Views

The level of awareness and brand equity created with these video views is impressive on its own but when compared to billion dollar brands in the oral care category and even Iconic YouTube brands, the power of the Molio model is evident to efficiently build brands.

Average video view duration of 1:38 minutes.

Orabrush vs. Oral Care Brands

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

61+ Million Views

Orabrush vs. Iconic YouTube Brands

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

61+ Million Views

Oral_B_Logo6.3 Million Views

Crest_Logo20.6 Million Views

Listerine_Logo16.3 Million Views

Colgate_Logo12.4 Million Views


37.1 Million Views

54.5 Million Views

Data as of October 2016 (YouTube views)

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