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Alba Botanica


Alba Botanica Products

Alba Botanica focuses on a vibrant line of body-loving products that nourish the skin, hair, and of course, the soul. This campaign introduced Alba Botanica to a broader audience by showcasing the heart behind the brand. The six-part series features diverse vignettes of women who embody the #DoGoodDoBeautiful mantra. It also made headlines for its all-female cast and crew. 

Lice Clinics of America—Lice Remover Kit


Lice Remover Kit

With successful treatment clinics quickly spreading across the U.S. and Europe, Lice Clinics of America sought to inform audiences of another great option—their at-home Lice Removal Kit. We partnered in this campaign to educate viewers about this typically taboo subject in a light-hearted, non-shameful way.


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Gametime Ticket App

Gametime is a free app, encouraging users to live life in the fast lane with convenient and discounted ticket purchases. When they came to us with a need for trial and awareness, our in-house team pitched a brand-building video to score YouTube downloads. The result was over the fence.

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Mother E

Mother E Essential Oils

“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.” Mother E is just that. This essential oil company started with a simple idea and lots of heart. Molio created the brand, positioning, name, logo, and media plan to back its launch, promote website traffic, and connect viewers with products that reconnect them, personally, with nature.

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Ibotta Money Saving App

The Ibotta app is credited for dishing out cash back rewards upward of $130 million. Already at the top of the App Store, they sought to gain an even stronger foothold in the couponing and rebate savings app market. We created a campaign specifically directed toward non-app users, educating and encouraging downloads and installs.

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Mile IQ Mileage Tracker App

Logging travel expenses can add up to a major difference in taxes, but what self-employed business owner has time for the hassle? MileIQ needed a direct conversion campaign, informing audiences without sacrificing brand image. Molio revved up the graphics in this clean, sharp video to highlight the technology behind MileIQ’s smart driving app.


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Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls

Fact: Wilson makes the softest golf ball on the market. Many believe this is a weakness, claiming soft golf balls can’t compete with the distance of harder alternatives; but for this campaign, Molio recruited the help of a sophisticated robot to not only dispel that misconception, but to prove it with over 1.7 million impressions.

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Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes Nose Wipes

After years of relying on social media, Molio launched Boogie Wipes’ first paid advertising campaign, and in less than a month, had nearly 3 million YouTube views. One year later, the campaign is still driving strong business results for the brand—and that’s nothing to sniff at.


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Saline Soothers

Saline Soothers Nose Wipes

As an unconventional type of moist wipe, consumers required education about Saline Soothers’ arrival on the tissue, cough, and cold scene. Our campaign not only informs, but drives purchases at key retail stores during cough, cold, and flu season. 

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Iams Shakeables Dog Treats

There’s no denying it—we’re pet lovers here at Molio. Though our favorites range from furry to scaly, we all know how great everyone feels when treating our pets with… well, treats. When given the opportunity to work with Iams, we conveyed that feeling for a relatable and compelling campaign.

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Lucktastic Gaming App

Lucktastic is a free-to-play rewards based mobile app. Users can play scratchcards and other games to instantly win prizes up to $10,000 and earn rewards from top brands. Our character-based video campaign establishes the Lucktastic brand and drives app downloads from YouTube.


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