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Who is Molio?

Molior ” in Latin means “to build or construct.”

We are brand builders.

Using “The Molio Method“, we hyper-target audiences to yield high levels of awareness, engagement and conversion, creating and building brands online. We combine the best creative with the best technology to produce the best campaigns, making us your one-stop shop for video marketing.

Our “Molio Method” of brand-building is an extension of Orabrush’s “Reverse Marketing Model” success on YouTube. We have created and launched two multi-million dollar brands of our own: Orabrush tongue cleaner and Orapup dog breath brush, producing unprecedented results in awareness and conversion. In fact, YouTube named Orabrush as one of the Top 20 Most Iconic Video Ads of the last 10 years (2015). According to Google, Orabrush was the first company to commercialize a consumer packaged good on a global level using only YouTube advertising. We now apply this proven model to build brands for other companies.

Recent Campaigns

Media & Analytics

Using our proprietary software platform, we accelerate programmatic media buying to a new level. By combining this with our full-service creative agency and our extensive YouTube expertise, we leverage video to deliver the right content to the right target audience.

Analytics – Combining our advanced data analytics with programmatic advertising, our Molio software determines the optimal audience most likely to view and convert, and ensures those consumers see the right video variation.

OptimizationWe target numerous video variations toward multiple audiences, generating data that allows us to tailor the most effective campaigns for your brand.

Results - The valuable insight we establish through optimization drives hyper-targeted campaigns, maximizes reach and delivers the highest success.

Advertising Services

At Molio, we have our own full service creative agency with a swanky in-house video production team.  Our integrated model couples great creative with the Molio Software, driving predictable, sustainable results to build brands online. The model includes the following:

Great Content – Molio writes, produces and edits videos for the YouTube platform, and can also tweak existing content and customize it for YouTube.

Video Optimization – Our team optimizes those videos on the YouTube platform through A/Z testing and deep experience and insights.

YouTube Advertising – We buy and target media to achieve agreed metrics, driving awareness and trial for 1) e-commerce, 2) retail traffic and 3) downloads. Our programmatic ad bidding delivers industry-leading cost per view.

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