Case Study



It’s true—with small budgets and quick turnarounds, we’ve delivered impressive ad performance results; but for “in it for the long haul-ers,” we know it’s best to inject greater resources for a dramatic brand impact.


Campaign Efficiency

A longer campaign means more data to tailor targeting in more cost-effective ways. Check out the Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), Cost Per View (CPV) , and Cost Per Click (CPC) differences one year later.

Agency Expertise

For a CPG brand like Boogie Wipes, Molio took advantage of observed seasonality, matching different consumer behaviors with complimentary creative executions to drive down cost and increase engagement.

The Molio Method is exponentially more visible and valuable over time. Rarely do companies see year-over-year numbers this impressive.


Over 4 million more people viewed our video a year later.

View Rate

Campaign relevancy soared, with nearly double the View Rate.


It’s one thing for viewers to watch an ad, but it’s a big deal when 56% more viewers click it.

The financial impact of this year-long Boogie Wipes’ campaign totals over $12 million. With our experience and your investment, we can greatly impact your brand.